Applications for Grants

Businesses often need money for expansion activities that include the purchase of manufacturing equipment, additional land, and commercialization of new products.  One way to secure needed funds is through grants.  Grants may be available at the local, state, and federal levels. Continue reading

Women Grants

Grants for women are available for a variety of purposes and from a myriad of sources.  Grants can be used to help women obtain an education or for women to become first-time homeowners.  A woman can get a grant to help with her medical expenses or for a photography exhibit. Continue reading

Women Government Grants

Women are eligible for a variety of government grants.  These grants are available at all levels of government.  The purpose of government grants for women varies depending upon the specific grant program.  Finding government grants that women are eligible for can be challenging. Continue reading

Tuition Grants

The rising costs of obtaining a higher education have many students seeking tuition grants.  Student loans may be easier to get, but they require the student to begin paying them back upon graduation.  The more tuition school grants students can get, the less in debt they will be once they get out of school. Continue reading